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Rodi Frunze

Bezel Making Level 2 (Teardrop Cabochons) - Live Video Class

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Gemstone setting post-firing metal clay not only preserves the original quality of your gemstones but increases the overall value of your creations. This level 2 class will provide you with the intermediate skills to create the angles for setting teardrop cabochons for your projects. Optimal jewelers quality is always the goal.


Although this class accommodates all skill levels, basic soldering skills or Bezel Making Level 1 recommended as prerequisites.. 

  • 2 hours of live interactive video conferencing including guided step-by-step instructions - (internet connected device with web-cam required).
  • Step guide Document (.pdf) providing the most critical steps and considerations.

Rodi will guide you through choosing your gemstones with bezel setting in mind. With a host of tips and tricks to accommodate the angular aspect of a teardrop setting. 

This class accommodates all skill levels and is 1 of 2 options for step 4 of a series of 5 classes that cover every step of completing a hand-formed metal clay creation including post fired gemstone setting.


Materials required:

  • Calibrated Teardrop cabochon approx. 10 - 15 mm.
  • Hard & Medium solder wire
  • Handy T Flux (Paste liquid
  • Bezel wire & sheet metal (copper or silver)
  • Sandpaper (220 grit)
  • Torch
  • Soldering surface
  • Tweezers (cross locking)
  • Flush cutter straight edge
  • Flat nose pliers (if required)
  • Triangular needle file
  • Quenching bowl of water
  • High % Alcohol (No rubbing alcohol!)

After check-out, you will receive a registration confirmation, a list of the required tools & products along with your video conferencing session link.

Required connectivity: internet connected device - Desk top / laptop / tablet or smartphone with web cam and microphone. Optional headphones with microphone (recommended for desktop / laptop). Installation of free download browser plugin or app. 

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