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FastFire BronzClay 200 g

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1 200g pack of FASTfire BRONZEclay. Shorter firing time, same great working time, a little yellower after firing. Less shrinkage! 

Composition: 10% tin, 90% copper, water & non-toxic binding materials Shrinkage: 5-10% Firing Temp.: 1525F (830C) for 2 hours (after a fast ramp to temperature)The faster way to fire! FASTfire BRONZEclay drastically cuts your firing time-making it ideal for production work, the classroom, or for those times when you just want to bring your creations to life a bit quicker.

With FASTfire BRONZclay, you can fire your pieces in 2 hours or less (depending on the thickness of your piece, the size of your firing pan, and the type of kiln). Just like original BRONZclay, BRONZclay provides an incredible artistic range. And, because it is bronze, it is also so economical that you can use it for large pieces even sculptures, very affordably! It can be pinched, rolled, sculpted, cut or manipulated any way you like. Then fire it, and the binder burns away, leaving a solid, pure bronze object. Create jewelry, jewelry components, or custom-crafted specialized tools. Please

Note: FASTfire BRONZclay must be embedded in coconut shell activated carbon inside a firing pan with a slotted lid during firing. Carbon, firing pan and lid are sold separately. Because kilns vary, try a test piece in your kiln according to the enclosed instructions.