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Aura 22 Gold Solution - 1 gram

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Each package contains 1g of 22-karat gold particles in solution along with a wetting solution used to maintain Aura 22 in its optimal state. 

Imagine liquid 22K gold that can be painted onto fine or sterling silver designs, then fired and burnished to permanently bond the gold to the silver surface. Aura 22 is just that.

And, unlike other embellishment processes such as gold electroplating, this remarkable liquid (containing 91.6% pure gold and 8.4% pure silver) requires no special equipment.

Simply apply it with a paint brush, creating designs and accents on jewelry as freely and easily as brushing paint onto a canvas. The liquid is a cream paste (similar to nail polish) and is sufficient to accent 20–30 workpieces, depending on the area accented per piece.