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Rodi Frunze

Ocean Breeze Flex Fine Silver Metal Clay On-line Workshop

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This 3 day intensive program will give you hands on experience in mastering hand-forming, carving techniques and using molds working with both regular and flex fine silver metal clay. Create your own unique ocean themed pendant that incorporates the hand-forming techniques contained in the project example.

This online workshop is scheduled:

Bi-Weekly:  Friday, Saturday & Saturdays


This workshop is suitable for inspired beginners with some soldering skills. If you do not have any previous soldering skills, the use of a round gemstone is recommended.  

The selected time interval you choose, applies to each day of the 3 day workshop that includes:

  1. A total of 5 hrs live interactive video guidance sessions.
  2. Video demonstrations.
  3. Printable documentation.
  4. Live chat support during a 5 hr period each day.
  5. Content support via Email during the workshop period. 
  6. A set of ocean themed molds (to be shipped).

Registrations that include mold purchase should be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the workshop date. To accommodate potential shipping delays due to the Corvid 19 pandemic, in the event of delayed delivery, you may reschedule the workshop dates based on availability.

The selected time interval you choose, applies to each day of the 3 day workshop. You may reschedule days 2 & 3 to future dates if you prefer to work at a slower pace.

DAY 1: Learn how to created a base template to incorporate the bezel setting of a gemstone. Design your own creation using Rodis "flowing" design concept. Create the base and practice basic forms by embellishing the reverse of the base. 

DAY 2: You will decorate the front and the back of the pendant with hand formed Calla lilies, molded sea creatures and carved elements. Fire your piece using best practices to ensure a high quality metal result.

Day 3: After kiln firing the piece, you will  make and solder a fine silver wire bezel and set your gemstone. Sand, polish and patina your piece based on your preferred finish.

After check-out, you will receive a registration confirmation, along with a link to download the required tools & products along with a video conferencing set-up guide.

Required connectivity: internet connected device - Desk top / laptop / tablet or smartphone with web cam and microphone. Optional headphones with microphone (recommended for desktop / laptop). Installation of free download browser plugin or app.

Required tools: Although a detailed list including all the required tools and products will be available for download after check-out, you will require:

  • A basic metal clay forming kit; surface, roller, needle tool, thickness spacers, acrylic disk, small ball burnisher, needle file.
  • Kiln and firing equipment.
  • Rotary tool, attachments, flush cutter, flat-nosed pliers, flat needle file, steel block, tweezers, bezel pusher / roller, torch (capable of 1400F), solder surface.

Participants ideally should have one of the following:

  • a basic understanding of metal clay,
  • basic soldering skills if choosing a teardrop gemstone. 
  • some previous jewelry making experience; metalwork, polymer clay, glass / lamp-work, etc.,
  • own (or access to) a kiln capable of firing metal clay.
  • be an artist of any medium that is highly motivated.

Absolute beginners who require additional live video one-on-one guidance may add extra time.

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