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PMC Flex® Fine Silver Clay 5gr

With PMC® Flex™, you can work, roll, cut and shape this fine silver metal clay like modeling clay and enjoy a much longer working time—weeks, if need be!


The clay firms up somewhat but stays pliable enough to bend, twist, shape--even join edges with slip—up to a month later (NOTE: You won't be able to ball-up and re-roll the clay; to do that, you'll need to rehydrate the clay and begin again). Then, when you're ready, fire the clay to produce a pure fine-silver object. This variety of PMC silver clay is ideal for use in the classroom and for anyone new to working with metal clay; its extended window of working time gives you (or your students) ample time to get designs just the way you want them. • Need to sand or drill the clay? Easy. Simply use one of the traditional drying methods (warming plate or blow-dryer) for 20 minutes to dry out the clay. • It's great to carve, easy to join components together and can be combined with all other varieties of PMC® silver clay. • Use the same tools you use for other metal clays, but take care to clean tools thoroughly before using them on a different clay.