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Sky Guide 3: Hand-Forming PMC+ Silver Metal Clay & Bezel Setting Online Course Setting Online Course

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This on-line fine silver metal clay course contains HD videos, photos and step guide slideshows to enhance your learning experience. With a printable download .pdf document that also includes a tool and product guide, you'll have everything you need to complete this pendant designed by Rodi project.

Intended for those looking to grow their current metal clay skills, you will learn hand-forming, carving, making & soldering a bezel setting, setting a gemstone and so much more.....

  • A host of tips and tricks that save, time, $ and heart-break.
  • A tool shopping guide with links to the tools & products.
  • 24 hr accessibility from any device (8" screen or larger is recommended).
  • download a printable version of the steps that allows you to work offline.
  • Rotary tool attachments and finishing product guide.
  • Printable Templates with instructions on how to adjust printer settings to use metal clays of different shrinkage rates.

The course is organized into easy to follow steps which makes it super easy to pick-up from where you last finished. 


After check-out, you'll have instant access to your course. Review the sections and download your tool and product list to help you get prepared. 

NOTE: Access to on-line courses are assured for up to 12 months.