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Metal Clay Starter Kit - Deluxe Kit

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50  grams lump clay! Perfect for your loved one 10% off with free shipping!

Art Clay Silver Deluxe Starter Kit - The deluxe starter kit include everything in the original starter kit and more!


Art Clay Silver Deluxe Metal Clay Starter Kit

Includes: 50g Art Clay Silver (A-275) 10g ACS syringe with 3-tips (A-281) 10g Art Clay Silver Paste (A-276) fiber brick (F-081) butane torch (BT-01) Exploring Art Clay Silver DVD (S-021) 5 pack non-stick work surface (F-005a) 1 non-stick ring strip (TFS-01) wooden ring mandrel set (tapered & stepped) w/ stand (R-050) small rubber block (F-019) micro mesh sanding pads (F-146) tweezers (F-016) plastic strips (F-007) acrylic roller (F-003) spatula / clean-up tool (R-007) adjustable ring sizer (RS-01) agate burnisher (R-036) set of 12 files (F-020) fine-pointed paintbrush (F-013) flat-end paintbrush (F-012) short bristle stainless steel brush (F-030) cutter/scraper (CS-001) bamboo skewer (R-001) polishing cloth (F-034) fabric tool roll w/tie (TB-001)