Rodi Frunze

Webinar - Jewelry Designing With Flow

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Join Rodi in this 1 hour webinar as she reveals her methodology of creating "flow" within her designs. Whether you are creating a conceptual design or a free-form design, Rodi will review the basic concepts to produce an overall flow.

Gain insight into:

  • the integration of of negative space within a flowing design.
  • how the design flow guides the eye of the viewer.
  • tips and tricks on the use of patina to enhance the flow.


  • 1 hour of live interactive video conferencing - (internet connected device with web-cam required).

Available @ North America and European friendly times, this webinar is free to members of our artists newsletter using the newsletter code provided. 

Technically challenged? After registering, you will receive simple step guide instructions on how to prepare and connect to the live webinar.  

What you need:

  • Connectivity: internet connected device - Desk top / laptop / tablet or smartphone with web cam and microphone.
  • Optional headphones with microphone (recommended for desktop / laptop).
  • Installation of free download browser plugin or app.