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The Saul Bell Design Award is a badge of recognition that validates the quality of design and production. "The Saul Bell Design Award is a chance for jewelers to reach for greater heights of skill and knowledge. To conceive and execute a career-defining design. To break free from constraints, expectations and precedents. To accept the challenge of a lifetime—and to be recognized around the world for excellence in jewelry designThe Saul Bell Design Award - "Recognizing distinction in jewelry design."

It was such a privilege to receive a nomination as a finalist in this prestigious contest. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be honored with a 1st place position May 19th.

My objective as an Artist is to guide the voice of creativity into reality and to allow it to invoke emotion and reflection. Entering a contest such as SBDA, forced me to confront both self doubt and the inflation of ego that can accompany the constant reception of praise and feedback of my works. As a design contest that places a focus on the technical application of design and production skills, SBDA forces one to let go of any self bias evaluation and accept the judgement of highly qualified industry experts.

Image Credit: Rio Grande

My winning piece is named ADORE

"Adore" is an interpretation of the feelings that are experienced when the word Adore is spoken. As when two souls connect, life flows without distraction. Love becomes a central focus, providing a sense of unity. The decorative clasp symbolizes the connectivity of lovers that invokes the state of Adoration. To have received this honor has so many facets, but the two elements that touch me deeply are;

  1. The validation of the quality of my works. As someone who has self guided their technical skills and having invested such an enormous amount of time researching, practicing and perfecting those skills, it is a true blessing to receive such validation.

  2. The fact that all entries to this contest are amazing creations from amazingly talented artists makes it difficult to not feel that all deserve the highest level of recognition.

I could never envisage myself confronted with the task of judging such a contest. Alongside the gratitude I feel towards the judges, I also admire their capacity to set aside personal influences (not easy with such powerfully emotional artistic representations) and focus on "the details".


It is with deep recognition of the fact that my winning of this contest is also the result of the contribution of so many others. All who support and encourage me to express my artistic voice from my husband and partner who I share this award, family and friends near and far to the producers of the media (Goldie Bronze) and suppliers of tools and products such as Rio Grande. The collectors of my works, clients who purchase my works, social media friends and fans are the ones whos' invaluable support truly made this possible.


Above all, I offer my gratitude to the "Divine" for presenting me with the opportunity to experience such a wonderful sense of acceptance.


To all, I offer my heartfelt Thank you! 


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