Sky Guide 8+: Silver Metal Clay + Bezel Making Gemstone Setting Step Guide Tutorial - Forming Dimension

This is the upgraded silver metal clay Sky Guide 8 tutorial. This includes a step guide of the making and placing of the metal clay elements along with the gemstone setting steps in order to create your version of Rodis "Desert Rose" pendant. Designed for those with metal clay experience, the guide provides details on how to create dimension. Adding a little flare with cute little daisies textured with dust granulation.

You can use your preferred metal clay brand by using the included instructions on how to adjust the base template to match the shrinkage rate, simply by adjusting the print settings. 


The .pdf tutorial contains;

  • 53 pages of techniques,best practices, tips and tricks.
  • 86 HD quality photos.
  • Printable template.
  • Step by step guide on placing hand-formed elements.
  • How to create dimensional elements.
  • How to create "dust granulation" textures.
  • How to make Daisy flowers.
  • All steps up to the completion of firing.
  • A checklist to help you get the things you need.


The project is organized into easy to follow steps which makes it super easy. You'll find in this tutorial tips and tricks from Rodi which will help you create your own beautiful and flowing designs and develop your carving, hand forming and bezel setting skills.


This guide can be considered as a intermediate level guide to working with silver metal clay. 

Although not required, the following pre-requisites are recommended depending on your experience level:

  1. Completion of a basic introduction to metal clay.
  2. Completion of a full silver metal clay project - Sky Guide 5
  3. Jewelers grade soldering - Sky Guide 7.

After check out you will download a printable version of the tutorial to allow you to work offline either by tablet / PC viewing or printed document. You are purchasing a single (1) user non-transferable licence to use this tutorial for you own personal use.

View / Print or Download a list of all you'll need for this project: HERE

Inspiration can be as elusive as finding a Rose in the desert, but you found the Desert Rose!