Sky Guide 3: Fine Silver Metal Clay Video Enhanced Tutorial - Working with PMC+®

A complete introductory guide to working with fine silver metal clay that includes making and soldering a gemstone bezel setting. This easy to follow step guide will guide you through each step of this full project tutorial, from opening the packet to setting a gemstone to silver finishing using rotary tools.

Instantly download your .PDF document tutorial that contains:

  • 49 pages of techniques, tips and tricks,
  • 104 HD quality photos,
  • Links to 11 Supporting online HD video clips,
  • Shopping resource guide to help you get the things you need,
  • Rotary tool attachment guide for finishing silver,
  • Printable Templates,
  • Timed sections for managing your project. 

Organized into manageable time sections that allow you to follow at your own pace and focus on each step of the creative process as you make your own version of Rodis "Glow with the flow Pendant".

Along the way, you will develop / enhance your silver metal clay hand-forming and carving skills. A wonderful introduction to soldering as you make and solder a gemstone bezel setting using simple low temperature solder.

This guide can be considered as a beginner - intermediate guide to working with silver metal clay. 

Although not required, the following pre-requisites are recommended depending on your experience level:

  1. Completion of a basic introduction to metal clay.

This tutorial is good for you IF you:

  • Own or have access to a KILN! Although you can substitute PMC+ with similar shrinkage rate clays, torch firing is not recommended,
  • Work with or have worked with silver metal clay or polymer clay,
  • Are looking to develop or enhance your metal clay hand-forming and carving skills,
  • Would like to start to develop your bezel setting soldering skills.

You are purchasing a single (1) user non-transferable licence to use this tutorial for you own personal use.

For this project you'll need:



  • 28 grams of PMC+® - any brand of Fine Silver clay with the same shrinkage rate can be used. To accommodate the gemstone setting, adjustment to the included template will be required if a different shrinkage clay is used,
  • 5 cm sterling silver bezel wire of choice ("Gallery" style used),
  • Silver Paste Solder,
  • 650 Easy Low Temperature Silver Solder Paste,
  • Distilled water,
  • Baking powder & pumice powder mix or Pre-enamel® surface cleaner,
  • Drinking straw 5 mm.,
  • Alumina Hydrate (optional but highly recommended, not required for Vermiculite or fiber firing blanket),
  • Fine steel wool,
  • Fine steel brush,
  • Baking Powder,
  • PMC silver slip 15g (which will last for a VERY long time),
  • 1 Flat backed cabochon gemstone (1.5 cm w /  2 cm L) of choice,
  • Liver of Sulfur,
  • Olive oil,
  • Plastic kitchen wrap,
  • 97% Alcohol or Ethanol (Denatured Alcohol) - No Rubbing / medical usage alcohol.



  • Smooth, even, Non-Porous working surface, (Teflon work-surface, plastic place mats , Acrylic (plexi-glass) or ceramic tile,
  • Sharp scissors,
  • Piece of heavy stock paper,
  • Pencil,
  • Rotary Tool attachments: Fiber Abrasive Wheel (Fine), Bristle Disc (Extra Fine), Pumice wheel (optional) - Replacement option: Sandpaper -  220, 400 & 600 grit,
  • Small airtight container (not to be reused for other purposes),
  • Small spray bottle (the finer the spray the better),
  • Cup warmer,
  • Kiln with ramping, holding time capacity of 1650° F / 900° C,
  • Ceramic Crucible - Replacement option: vermiculite or firing blanket,
  • Small steel wire brush - brass not recommended,
  • Rotary tool,
  • Flush Cutter - Wire  Cutters
  • 1 Sheet plastic document protector,
  • Bezel Roller (Pusher),
  • Small Ball Burnishing tool or toothpick,
  • Needle Tool  or Crafting knife / Scalpel,
  • Hydrator pot or Small air-tight jar & household cleaning sponge,
  • Thickness spacers or Playing cards,
  • Toothpicks,
  • Small paint brush (natural - smooth),
  • Makeup applicator sponge,
  • Extra fine paint brush (very smooth),
  • Drill bit 2 mm Clay roller or a piece of a PCV pipe,
  • Transparent Acrylic / Plastic / Glass disc approx. 3”,
  • Needle file: round 3mm #6,
  • Soft Tapered-Point Chisel Shaper.