Sky Guide 7: Jewelers Grade - Jewelry Making Soldering Step Guide Tutorial

Learning to solder requires practice, the learning process will inevitably produce less than desirable results on occasion. That's actually a good thing, learning from hands-on experience rather than conceptual learning. This is why this tutorial places an emphasis on preventing and troubleshooting issues by providing you with the depth of understanding of each step to identify how to correct most common issues.

The .pdf tutorial contains;

  • 81 pages of techniques,best practices, tips and tricks.
  • 90 HD quality photos.
  • Practice project how to solder flat surfaces.
  • Practical project how to make and solder a bezel setting with angle.
  • Practical application - how to re-size a ring.
  • Tool / Product comparison to help you choose the best option for your needs.
  • Insight into the properties of the most common solders.
  • A shopping checklist to help you get the things you need

The tutorial is organized into theoretical information and contains two practice exercises with easy to follow steps which makes it super easy. You'll also find in this tutorial the best practices for working safely when soldering.

After check out you will download a printable version of the tutorial to allow you to work offline either by tablet / PC viewing or printed document.

View / Print or Download a list of all you'll need for this project: HERE