Esprit – Custom Made Silver Earrings


Custom made with a production time of 10 business days, these beautiful silver earrings could join your reality within 15 - 20 days. Unless requested, the overall design aspects presented in the images will be respected. As with all hand-made creations, slight variations from the original are to be expected. 

Length : 3.2 cm / 1.25"
Width : 1.7 cm / 0.66"

These beautifully hand-formed fine silver flower bloom earrings contain wonderful green Peridot gemstones. Light enough to be worn daily with no pull on the earlobe, they are befitting any occasion that brings comfort to the soul.

Hand formed and carved with floral details in silver, the Peridot gemstones are welcomed into the embrace of nature. This creation has a medium patina (oxidized) producing a very subtle effect of aged silver. This effect is complimented with a smooth satin finish with polished highlights.

Inspired by those moments when the silent voice of nature speaks louder than thought. When the mind gives way to intuition and allows us to experience life beyond beliefs. This is "Esprit" (Spirit / Soul).

Suspended from fine silver ear hooks or sterling silver lever-back hooks for added security.  

*** Images are for illustration purposes and may include simulations ***

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