Stillness - Bronze Pendant With Chalcedony

Necklace length

As part of my “Dream Garden” collection, this wonderfully formed floral bouquet incorporates the magnificent natural blue Chalcedony gemstone. Chalcedony is known for it's metaphysical properties of easing self-doubt and bringing a helpful peace to inner reflection.

Pendant Length : 4.6 cm / 1.81"

Pendant Width : 3 cm / 1.18"

Necklace : Personalized

Hand formed and carved with floral details in bronze metal clay, the wonderful Chalcedony gives birth to the flora entwined with sacred vines. The beautiful tone of the bronze produces a rich gold color that is enhanced by a dark patina (oxidized) to produce the effect of a newly discovered ancestral heirloom. To compliment this effect, a polished gloss finish has been applied to the embellishments.

Inspired by those moments when the presence of nature invokes peace and tranquility of mind. When the multitude of perceptions of self are reduced into "One". The Dream Garden invites us to connect to our true self and live life at peace. This is "Stillness".

The reverse of the pendant is nicely decorated with a full Moon, representing the force that lies within, the force that influences the tides. This represents how we connect to those around us and how our actions influence our world around us. 

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