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Blush - Bronze Necklace Pendant With Quartz Crystal

Necklace length
Necklace Clasp

This colorful handmade bronze pendant contains a man made pink tourmaline quartz crystal gemstone that centers the various mid-tone colors. Gently caressed by the hand formed and carved foliage, this creation represents our ever changing feelings.

Pendant Length : 7 cm / 2.75"

Pendant width : 3.2 cm / 1.25"

Necklace : Personalized

As the flower presents a wonderful display of color and fragrance, it is so very easy to allow the distraction of thought to veil the beauty of the spectacle. When we allow ourselves to participate in the floral spectacle, to feel the experience with no thought or judgment, we experience life in its' purest form. For when we believe the judgment of others, the Soul replies with a "Blush".

The hand formed and carved floral details are enhanced with a touch of green and pink color to reflect the unexpected. This piece has a light patina (oxidized) producing the look and feel of a newly discovered antique. To contrast this effect, a smooth satin finish has been applied to the highlights of the bronze adornments.

Suspended from a bronze chain, personalized length and clasp at checkout.

I Blush for shame, I Blush for fame, but when my heart sings I Blush for you!