Faith – Custom Made Silver Calla Lily Earrings

Custom made with a production time of 10 business days, these beautiful silver earrings could join your reality within 15 - 20 days. Unless requested, the overall design aspects presented in the images will be respected. As with all hand-made creations, slight variations from the original are to be expected. 

Length: 3.0 cm
Width: 2.5 cm

These hand-made 0.960 sterling silver and 0.999 fine silver calla lily earrings are embellished with a touch of 24k gold and beautiful Cubic Zirconia gemstones.
Created with a mirror symmetry, the Calla Lilies are caressed with a single leaf. Adorned with Cubic Zirconia stones (Green and Yellow) and a touch of 24k gold give these earrings a casual elegance.

Calla Lilies are growing from mud and they are never concerned with their righteousness or sinfulness in their growth or withering. They will bloom and fade year after year and fading is the inevitable process in order the next blooming to occur - this is Faith! Faith is beyond thoughts and believes. It is always present as a certainty of the Reality, but can be clouded in human's mind by illusory thoughts of doubt and fear. It is only Faith which can bring the clarity that healing can occur only after sickness, rising after fall and joy after sorrow.

Cubic Zirconias as man made gemstones symbolize the only human power available - power of discerning between Love and Faith, which are the only Reality, and the illusion of Fear. Mind needs all its clarity and sharpness to see the ever present Love in moments of difficulties and pain.

The sterling silver French ear wires provide a level of security and comfort making them ideal for any occasion.

“He who has led you so far, will guide you further”. (Rumi)

*** Images are for illustration purposes and may include simulations ***

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