Wind Of Change - Fine Silver With Labradorite Floral Pendant

Necklace length
Necklace Clasp

Hand-formed in 0.999 fine silver with complementing Labradorite gemstones, this pendant represents the ever changing nature of life. The capacity to learn from lifes challenges guided by our Intuition.

Pendant Length: 4.8 cm / 1.88"

Pendant Width: 3 cm / 1.18"

Necklace Length: Personalized

Set in a beautiful fine silver setting depicting the majestic flower blooms flowing in the wind, the central focused flashy Labradorite is orbited by a second Labradorite gemstone. The pendant comprises of the main body connected to a smaller section. This enhances the movement of the pendant and highlights the the flashes of both gemstones.

The reverse of the pendant is embellished with a Lotus flower a symbol of peace emerging from the gemstone. It's the knowing of it's presence that calms the Soul!

Suspended from a sterling silver 0.925 chain of your preferred of length and clasp (toggle or lobster claw) available at checkout. 

Intended as a talisman of Change. Dedicated to accepting that all things change and confronting challenges through Intuition "the magic of the moment".

The future's in the air I can feel it everywhere Blowing with the wind of change Take me to the magic of the moment On a glory night Where the children of tomorrow dream away In the wind of change.- by Klaus Meine

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