Pacific Sunrise - Fine Silver & 24k Gold Pendant With Topaz

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This handcrafted fine silver .999 and adorned with a 24k gold overlay sun scenic pendant contains a crystal clear Topaz gemstone. A tribute to the majestic nature of the Pacific North West, where the grandeur of nature induces the connection to all. As the waves bring their offerings to the shores, the land feeds the forest as it rises to the heights, paying homage to the Sun.

Pendant Length : 4.5 cm / 1.77"

Pendant width : 2 cm / 1"

Necklace Length: Personalize at checkout

Representing the calm of presence induced by exploring the wonders that nature displays. The polished silver wave represents the welcome of the land, the hand carved trees the nourishment and shelter, the mountains the persistent sense of challenge. Crowned by the 24k gold overlay sun which represents the source of life.

This piece has a medium patina (oxidized) producing the effect of depth of perception and enhance the details of the hand carved trees. To contrast this effect, a polished finish has been applied to the silver wave and golden sun.

The .925 sterling silver chain attaches with your preference of a toggle clasp or lobster claw clasp. 

One can but sense, that it's only within the realm of the mind that each is separate from the whole that is Life. - Styve

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