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Mood For Love - Fine Silver Butterfly Mandala Pendant With Prehnite

Hand-crafted in 0.999 fine silver with a mystical Prehnite, this pendant represents the the constant rebirth of Life. The realization that every moment brings new opportunity for Love.

Pendant Length: 2.5 cm / 1"

Pendant Width: 2.5 cm / 1."

Necklace Length: 20" - 22" Adjustable

The central Prehnite is orbited by a mandala of vines and flora, graced by the presence of butterflies.  The presence of the butterflies is a representation of the constant search by the mind as it flutters by the Love that surrounds us.

Suspended from an adjustable sterling silver 0.925 chain is adorned with two Prehnite beads along with a hand-formed complementing fine silver charm. The lobster claw clasp allows the adjustment of the necklace length. 

Necklace length may be personalized upon request.

For when the mind is at peace, the beating of gossamer wings signals the presence of Love. This is "Mood For Love"

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