Sterling Silver with Spinel and Cubic Zirconia Stones Pendant and Necklace - Clear Light Mind

Necklace length

Hand-craved in 0.925 sterling silver, this empowering talisman pendant represents Clear Light of Awareness - the mental continuum of each being which continues with no beginning and no end, without any break even during death and even into Buddhahood. It is also called Clear Light Mind. A reminder that Clear Light Mind is our TRUE self and it can never be found (since we are already it) but only RECOGNIZED.

Pendant Length: 5 cm / 2"

Pendant Width: 4.0 cm / 1.6"

Necklace Length: 18" with a sterling silver toggle clasp. However, you can always ask to personalize the length of the necklace (send me a note at the checkout).

This creation was very much inspired by Tibetan Buddhist teachings (Bardo Thödol) and brought into this Reality as a reminder that Clear Light Mind (out true self) has nothing to do with "light" - white light, purple, or any other impressive fireworks... It can't be perceived (seen) - the same way the eye can't see itself, which makes the seeking process obsolete, since we can perceive only what we are not. Clear Light Awareness is available unconditional and at all times with no requirements - it's the definition of Love.
The Death's Head Hawkmoths symbolize the process of Recognition and Wisdom. These night pollinators which relied on sky lights (Moon and stars) for navigation were very much confused by artificial lighting (Fatal Attraction Theory), however scientific studies showed that younger moths were attracted to lights, while older moths continued pollinating night-blooming plants despite the lure of artificial lighting. For these moths wisdom means survival. So for us - humans! Bright lights (any force which exercises a strong pull - is just a temptation) are worth studying for what we are not and accepted or discarded after carefully reading the small print of "Terms and Agreements" :).
The Spinel with it's subtle luminosity symbolizes the Clear Light. The CZ stones (4mm yellow at the top of the pendant and 2mm transparent at the bottom) symbolize the distractions of Life.

Don't be "tricked by the light" and don't seek outside yourself! Your True Self - Clear Light Mind is your only salvation, because it doesn't need any salvations!

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