Timeless - Fine Silver Pendant With Labradorite / Citrine

Necklace length

Handmade in 0.999 fine silver with an amazing high grade golden Labradorite, this elegant necklace represents the nurturing force of the woman. The eternal Love that is pasted from mother to child in the flow of Life.

Pendant Length: 7 cm / 2.75"

Pendant Width: 5 cm / 2"

Necklace Length: Personalize at checkout

Set in a majestic setting, this Labradorite gemstone is gently suspended from the floral embrace of nature. A natural Citrine symbolizes the seed of Life passed from mother to child. The textured tear-drop cradles this wonderful gemstone and maintains the overall balance to this elegant presentation.

Suspended from a sterling silver 0.925 chain with your preference of length with toggle clasp is available at checkout.

She was there before my eyes that see. She was there for everything that was seen. She is there when I witness that All is a dream. Her Love guides my path each step of the way and is ever present even with no words to say. For a mothers  Love is "Timeless". - Styve

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